Monday, May 9, 2011

KCWC Day 1 - Skirt from Shirt

If you haven't checked out Kids Clothing Week Challenge over on Elsie Marley yet, go look. Last week lots of designers and pattern links and interviews. This kind of snuck up on me this year so I'm just going to stick to the idea of spending an hour or so a day on whatever sewing you are planning for your kids - you know, the piles just sitting around for you to have a minute free - instead of creating a full blown item per day.

So this is what I had - a shirt I don't know where came from and never wore. And you see, I have this little girl who loves - of all things! - PINK. And skirts. So I chose a skirt of hers that fits, lined it up on the bottom hem of the shirt, cut straight across, created a tunnel for the elastic, and lookie there.

A new skirt in under an hour - about 30 minutes including trying it on to fit the elastic. AND she's been wearing it all day! I know many of you know the feeling, but some of the cutest things I've made for her have gained nothing but Queen Victorian disapproval. Howling even.

AND, with the extra time I cut out the next kid sewing project - a dress to attend our first ever wedding at the end of the month. See you here tomorrow with my progress on that.
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